CRM Hosting on Cloud

Unique CRM Hosting Solutions to Bolster Customer Relationship Management Strategy of Your Business

Are you among entrepreneurs who are keen to achieve results faster for maintaining a competitive-edge in the market? If yes, firstly an analysis is required so as to create an implementation methodology that can overcome all the challenges of installation and rapid train system, which is customized to make routine tasks easier for functional as well as future clients. The implementation methodology so required is Customer Relationship Management platform that is created with years of experience and best practices. But, you don't need to wait for so long. Just choose Ricoh as your partner to host CRM and see the difference in real productive terms.

Insights into CRM in General

CRM is generally referred as a business solution that drives productivity of sales along with marketing effectiveness through business intelligence, social insights and campaign management on-premises, on-cloud or over a hybrid combination.

CRM basically help in eliminating costs and increase profit margins by managing and automating business processes that takes care of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the marketing, sales as well as fields of customer service. Quality solutions can deliver expected ROI with marketing automation , sales force automation and customer service

Benefits of Hosting CRM on Cloud

There are numerous advantages of hosting cloud-based CRM applications like:

Instant set-up, connectivity and deployment
Real-time access for faster evaluation
Enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction
Easy tracking and management of opportunities
Real-time insights into sales flow that helps tooling improved strategies
Increased process velocity and revenue generation

Why Collaborate With Ricoh for CRM Cloud Hosting?

SoloIDC hosted CRM environments are specially designed to cater your business requirements that tend to grow over time. Our cloud hosting solutions are definitely a worth over an "off-the-shelf" service package. It simply allows you to do what reflects you the best through automated tasks, modified workflows, capturing opportunities, data-driven marketing, and visitor-tracking etc. Advantages You Can Leverage With Ricoh

True flexibility with pay-per-use plans
Constant upgrades that eliminates the maintenance costs
Faster access to the critical customer data with automated processes
Time-to-time back-up creation for business continuity
Mitigated risks and compliant support
24x7 Assistance from team of deft technicians and CRM specialists
Guaranteed uptime with state-of-the-art data centers.

SoloIDC objective is to make sure that CRM tool customized for you runs smoothly over servers making your website safer, capacitative and best supported than anyone else in the market!