Server Migration

Our proficient in-house technical teams smoothly deploy servers, applications, databases and email migration projects into dedicated, virtual and Cloud environments

How is cloud strategy embarking global enterprises?

In the near future business related information and workloads will be cloud-delivered. That is why most of the present day enterprises are adopting server migration projects. In case you are an enterprise owner and are trapped in an unclear cloud strategy, we are here to help you out.

Our strategic migration solutions

We carry out a strategic migration of your existing business critical applications and related data into the Cloud. The entire process is carried out within a stipulated time-frame by specialists who ensure that all your business needs are duly catered to.

What do we migrate?

From dedicated servers or any other hosting provider, migrate to our public cloud or virtual setups
We offer you with operating system upgrades
Applications, data, image files etc. is smoothly migrated
Applications as large as a content management system (CMS), SaaS based setups and custom made software can be migrated
Modify your application easily.
We migrate as well as change upgrade your databases
We offer affordable and complementary email hosting services

Avail the following features exclusively at SoloIDC

Our migration exercise will sort out your business functions by
Upholding the current state of business
Providing all advantages of cloud computing
Employing effective cost reduction strategies
Ultimately meaningful business value is delivered
Reap these benefits of our knowledge and experience and make the most out of our Server Migration today!

Some Of Our Clients

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